3100 Mile Race In Media

The 3100 Mile Race has been featured in various newspapers and Media outlets in recent years. These are a selection of some articles.

“…The fifteen participants—all but two of them disciples of the Bengali Guru Sri Chinmoy, who has resided in the neighborhood for forty years—hailed from ten countries on three continents. They ran in all weather, seven days a week, from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, or until their bodies compelled them to rest. If they logged fewer than fifty miles on a given day, they risked disqualification. By their own reckoning, the runners climbed eight meters per lap, mounting and descending a spectral Everest every week and a half. They toiled in this fashion for six to eight weeks, however long it took them to complete 5,649 circuits—3,100 miles—around a single city block…”

Run Like Fire Once More: Chasing Perfection at the World’s Longest Footrace By: Sam Shaw at Harpers Magazine

..When you reach the 1,000-mile marker in the world’s longest footrace–a 3,100-mile summer odyssey in New York–try to remain calm.

“If you start thinking, ‘Oh, my, God, I’ve got another 2,000 miles to go,’ you’re in trouble,” said Trishul Cherns, a 48-year-old massage therapist from Queens, the site of the annual race. “You don’t want to get caught in that mental trap…”

In This Footrace, the last 3,000 Miles are the Hardest (link Broken) – by Alan Bastable, Columbia News Service, Nov 1, 2005

Video from CBS News


“Followers of Sri Chinmoy honor him and seek spiritual transcendence in various ways. A dozen followers are doing it this month by running around a city block in Jamaica, Queens, for seven weeks straight, 18 hours a day, from 6 a.m. to midnight…”

Running 3100 Miles and Following their leader every step of the way by Corey Kilgannon, New York Times – July 1, 2004

“…The goal is 3,100 miles within 51 days. That’s 5,649 times around this .5488 mile concrete course, or more than 60 miles daily between the race hours of 6:07 a.m. and midnight. In the world’s longest sanctioned race, and possibly the most incomprehensible road race ever devised, these five runners – a sixth dropped out – from four nations have circumnavigated the Thomas A. Edison Vocational/Technical School in Jamaica, Queens, an average of about 115 times daily since June 13…”

This 3100 Mile Race is for the Long Run by By Amy Shipley, Washington Post, Friday, July 31, 1998

“When Suprabha Beckjord crossed the finish line, there were no medals, no multi-million dollar athletic contracts to sign. There were only her fellow runners and a handful of race volunteers cheering her on. Suprabha completed the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. Her time: 58 days, 7 hours, 54 minutes and 27 seconds…”

3100 Miles to Self Transcendence By: Caitlin Weaver on 8/20/2007 Ode magazine


3100 Mile Race Video at ABC News – Reporting on 10th Annual Self transcendence Race (note: 30 second advert at start of race

The Eighth Annual Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, a mind-boggling 51-day jog around a neighborhood block in Jamaica, Queens, New York, started on June 13th with a whopping 12 runners- nearly double the field of its seven previous editions. The race, sponsored by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, requires a runner to average 3.38 miles per hour for an 18-hour day followed by a mandatory six-hour curfew, which helps recovery and gives the runners a break from the monotony of the course. The race is run on concrete sidewalks past a high school, city playground and ballfield, a residential neighborhood and a section of a service road alongside a nearby expressway. The distance is slightly more than half a mile (883 meters). Apartment buildings, two-family dwellings and quiet streets surround the rest of the venue…”

Eighth Annual Self Transcendence Race by Abichal at Multidays

“Every year in June, a small group of runners arrive at a tree-lined street in Queens, NY at 6 a.m to begin an epic journey that will take them anything from one and a half to two months to complete. Every day they run for 18 hours, averaging anything between two and three marathons a day, around and around a city block measuring just over half a mile, in weather that can range from scorching heat to monsoon-like rain…”

3100 Mile Self Transcendence Race at All About Running.net

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