Oh, Those Feet!

By | Jul 4, 2009

photo by Jowan

So, as we enter the 21st day of the race, and our last runner has passed the 1000 mile mark,  one question must be asked of each of these heroes of the road: are you happy with your feet?


Suprabha: “So far, I am happy with my feet.”
: “My left foot I love. My right foot is covered with blisters.”
Pushkar: “Yes.”
Asprihanal: “Yes, very happy. But yesterday I discovered a blister on my foot.”
Purna-Samarpan: “Yes!”.
Pavol: “Yes, I am happy.”
Vladimir: “Yes, I have good feet.”
Petr: “I am very happy.”
Stutisheel: “Oh, absolutely.”
Ananda-Lahari: “Yes, I am.”
Pranjal: “Yes.”
Diganta Adhikari: “Yes.”

Wow! Revealing answers from our runners!

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