Live Music to Go

By | Jul 9, 2009

photo by Arpan

Playing music for the runners is a great way to contribute to the dynamic and soulful atmosphere that already pervades the race course constantly. It is also a way to access the flow of the energy which is so prevalent and obvious to most people who visit there. For those who may not always feel a flow of energy and dynamism in the race, including the runners at certain times, live music certainly helps to bring some of this enthusiastic and soulful energy to the fore.

Every morning the ‘Enthusiasm’ group of singers sing for the runners for about an hour.  Occasionally there will be musicians who sing or play various instruments for the runners. This adds a very exciting dimension to the half-mile loop for the runners, the helpers and the locals who frequent the course as well. Although the runners generally do not stop to listen to a live performance they can hear it for some time as they pass. They can carry the essence of the music with them until the next lap as ‘Music to Go’ could never be more appropriate.

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