Day 4:Rain Go to Spain

A warm, breezy day gave way to bright sunny skies, and as the breezes faded, the temperatures reached a hair short of 90ºF(32C). Eight men and women made it past 60 miles, and as of now 12 of the 14 are on pace to reach their goal, however far away it may be from them. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi led the day totals again with 67.5 miles. Vasu Duzhiy continues to sparkle as race leader overall with 280.9 miles. Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh continues to lead the ladies with 257.4 total miles. It is still too early to predict possible champions, since barely 7% of the race has been completed. But as their road toughness continues in the building stage of this multi-day, the collective determination is inspiring to say the least.