Day 24: Weather or Not-Part Deux

This was no World Cup slaughter. This was painstaking reality on a hot, sticky day in a tough city that only sleeps once in a while. These runners were testing themselves, in an inconceivably tough incubator of endless laps- without fanfare, without incident. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi, the fearless leader of the group, reached 70.79 miles as the mercury peaked at 92ºF, with 62% humidity(THI-101).Yuri Trostenyuk reached halfway today, while completing 64.75 sweat-drenched miles. Pranjal Milovnik slipped by the halfway point as well, on a routine 65.3 mile day. Vasu Duzhiy moved up to fourth place with 64.75 miles. Sarah Barnett held up the distaff side of the ledger with 60.36 miles.Eight people made it past 60 miles. The consistency of the top eight or nine athletes is mind-boggling. Their heat acclimatization is good.
Yuri Trostenyuk-1550 miles=23 days+02:34:55
Pranjal Milovnik-1550 miles=23 days+10:31:57