Day 26: Half of the Way

Fifty percent of the race has elapsed, and eight men and women are expected to hang on and eventually finish. Two others are in the ballpark to reach the goal. The rest get the experiences of being there and hoping to reach a new or formidable goal. No one is a loser in this race. Having said all that, Sarvagata Ukrainskyi rang up 71.34 miles to lead the group.Sarah Barnett continues a solid, almost uncatchable effort for the ladies. Teekshanam Dodonu is impressing everyone with his consistent, gentle and productive running. William Sichel, 60, is trying to get back into the fray with his third successive 62.5 miles or better. He has more than a day to make up in mileage. All the runners are grateful for the tremendous support so far. “Hope is Nectar”- Sri Chinmoy.