Day 31:Three Weeks Left

Withstanding a second day of several thunderstorms hitting the region, our steadfast runners were resolute and up to the task. Six made it past 60 miles, and nine past the iconic ‘109’ on the lap sheets- symbolic of a plus factor in one’s daily totals. If one can touch 109 at this stage of the race, then there is a chance of finishing. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi yet again led the parade with 70.24 miles. He needs to average 70 miles each day herein to finish on the 44th day- an elite mark where only three men have ever gone. At this time the men’s podium is practically set, unless Vasu Duzhiy, the defending champ, can unleash a miracle barrage of miles in the next fortnight. All three women snagged the ‘109’ onto the scoresheet, with Sarah Barnett comfortably leading the group. And making himself a threat to not only finish but even crash the elite board of top seven, William Sichel,60, from Scotland has placed himself back into a realistic chance of finishing. Stay tuned, friends, this is going to be a great three weeks.