Day 35:Five Weeks-All In

It is hard to imagine five weeks on the block have expired, but the totals of miles and constant movement of the race make the elapse of time seem almost superfluous. One man who managed to utilize nearly every moment of the day was Sarvagata Ukrainskyi, who ran 81.2 miles, the highest total he has ever run in his four years at this event. His compatriot Stutisheel Lebedyev ran his third straight day of 70.79 miles. He is on pace for a personal best if his form holds. The first nine all ran over sixty miles. The temps barely reached 80ºF with some high cloud cover and breezes to make it an extraordinary day. The focus of the total group is quite admirable as we head into the sixth week of extreme distance running. With the weather so good, who knows what to expect. Will we see all fourteen pass the 60 mile barrier on the same day? Stay tuned.