Day 37: Hanging On

A long, difficult race pampers no one. The prodigious distance is difficult to fathom, the daily mileage is hard calculate in the tired brain, the nerve endings must be frazzled. And that is just the helpers and onlookers! The runners keep going, no matter how tired they might appear. Seven of these fearless athletes made it past 60 miles again, led by the Mr. Ukrainskyi, known as Sarvagata. He hit 70 miles with less than a minute to go before midnight. Sarah Barnett helped him get there, running 65.85 miles of her own to pad the lead over her female rivals to 49 miles. Messrs Yuri Trostenyuk,Vasu Duzhiy, and William Sichel each had 65.3 miles on their scoresheets as well. With just a day over two weeks left in the race, the runners are getting ready for the last push to the finish. Lap times are speeding up, rest breaks are not wasted on conversations or distractions. No time to waste. A meeting with destiny awaits.