Day 39: Instant Replay

A warm sticky day and wet evening could not stop the hero-warriors of the 3100 Mile Race as they approached their appointed rounds. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi assumed the mantle of Day leader again with a fine 70.2 mile effort. He needs another five and a half days to finish this effort. Perhaps Tuesday at noon will suit him. Sarah Barnett carried another fine effort throughout the day to 66+ miles. William Sichel, enjoying his first day back in a small cushion of miles above the cutoff, reached 62.56. He has overcome a deficit of nearly 70 miles to be on pace to finish. To add even more inspiration to the mix, Teekshanam Dodonu ran 62+ miles, his first time of regular running without shin splints since Day 27.

Sarvagata Ukrainskyi-2700 miles= 38 days+14:26:57