Day 42: Six Weeks And The Top Spot

Only one man has ever dared to finish on the forty-second day in the 3100 Mile Race- Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk of Germany in 2006. His 41 days and eight hours of work present the gold standard- an average of nearly 75 miles per day(120 km). Even with surprisingly cool weather this summer, still the record is safe. For the lesser mere mortals, Sarvagata Ukrainskyi moves closer to a Tuesday finish line after a fine 71.34 mile day. If he finishes before 7:38pm on Tuesday evening he will eclipse his own best mark(44 days +13:38:52). Yuri Trostentuk will hope for a late Thursday finish(or Friday morning). If Pranjal Milovnik from Slovakia closes the deal he can also eclipse his personal best. There is a possibility of nine finishers this year. Go runners!!

Pranjal Milovnik-2700 miles=41 days+07:56:54
Vasu Duzhiy-2700 miles=41 days+13:10:20