Day 43:

It was a muggy, hot day in New York, the kind we normally see here each summer, the kind that has been scarce for the last six weeks. Our tired but determined runners still kept on, looking forward to life at the beach, eating at a dinner table while seated, or other niceties taken for granted. Vasu Duzhiy kept his pursuit of the podium on full tilt with a 69.1 mile day, climbing within 10 miles of Pranjal Milovnik, the stalwart Slovakian. Yuri Trostenyuk continued his excellent adventure in second place with 64.7 miles, and Sarvagata Ukrainskyi is within 105 mile of finishing on Tuesday afternoon, if he doesn’t tear off his shirt to reveal a big ‘S’ on his chest and do it all in one full day on Monday(wink!). The ladies-three all came short of 60 miles but remain in good spirits. And to top off the day, a Scottish piper in full regalia serenaded the athletes and crew with terrific songs of energy and timeless spirit. With nine days left, the runners are ready to fly. Stay tuned friends.

Stutisheel Lebedyev-2700 miles= 42 days+06:27:41