Day 44:Cool and Breezy, Please

Sarvagata Ukrainskyi has moved to within 60 laps(32.9280 miles) of reaching his goal of 3100 miles. The estimated time of finish is between 12:45 and 2:30 PM EDT on Tuesday afternoon. He ran 71.34 miles on his penultimate day of the event. Vasu Duzhiy will enjoy his current championship for one more day as he led all comers with 71.89 miles. He has climbed to within four laps of Pranjal Milovnik who is still clinging to third but realizes the superior leg speed of Vasu. Sarah Barnett passed 2700 miles and leads the ladies with just eight days left in the contest. In all, nine athletes made it past 60 miles again. The weather was perfect, with lower humidity and the mercury barely reaching 80ºF.

Sarah Barnett-2700 miles=43 days+10:42:15