Day 2: Two Men at the Top

After trailing Slovakian Ananda-Lahari Zuscin by a scant lap after one day, Atmavir Petr Spacil reversed the favor and tied Mr Zuscin with the same number laps after two days. Both men stand at 159.70 miles, just shy of 80 miles a day. Vasu Duzhiy remained in third with another 72+ mile day. Yuri Trostenyuk from Ukraine pulled into fourth place with a fine 71.89 miles. He is averaging 76 miles per day. Ashprihanal Aalto stands in fifth place, an unlikely position, but given his all-time great performance last year, he gets a flyer from this observer. His legs don’t have the spring and his astounding long-distance resume predicts a little more human level of performance. He is still averaging 72+ miles a day.
Austrian Surasa Mairer climbed within one lap of Kaneenika Janakova of Slovakia with a fine 64.21 mile day. Both ladies are averaging 67 miles per day. Watch out fellas!
In all, eight runners passed the 60 mile mark, with the top four men cresting 70+.
The hazy sunshine gave way to bright skies in the middle of the day, as the summer solstice arrived in New York just after 6:00PM EDT. Have a great summer, oh Northern Hemisphere.