Day 3 Atmavir Shines; Surasa Excells

On a mostly sunny day in the mid-eighties, Czech Republican Atmavir Peter Spacil separated himself from first-day leader Ananda-Lahari Zuscin by running 73.53 miles. The Slovakian could only muster 67.5 to hold on to second place. Yuri Trostenyuk was the only other runner to reach 70 miles today, yet nine of the dozen stayed above 60 miles once again. Surasa Mairer led the ladies with a solid 65.8 miles. Eleven of the starting 12 are on daily pace, but the race has 49 days left, enough for a lifetime of ups and downs, discoveries and dilemmas. This is the essence of sport, and ultimately life. It is how we live and respond that makes life meaningful, and sport temporarily useful. Tomorrow is another day, another chance…to move forward.