Journey To The Unknown

By | Jun 26, 2010

Journey To The Unknown Many people try to understand why a handful of runners would want to run day after day for almost two months around about one half mile concrete surface during the summer months in New York City. Most of these runners have done it more than once, so there is even more […]

My Ageathon

By | Jul 24, 2009

photo by Arpan Every year since I was 26 years old I have run my age in miles around the time of my birthday. When I was 26 years old I had already had run a 26 mile marathon so I thought that increasing by only one mile the next year would not be so […]

Neighborly Visits

By | Jul 21, 2009

photo by Arpan Everyday the 3100 mile race course is visited by many neighbors from the local area. Some of them come specifically to see the race and cheer on the runners, others come to the area as part of their daily routine to get exercise or play in the fields. There are quite a […]

Mystery Guests

By | Jul 18, 2009

photo by Arpan Today the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race was visited by about 40 ‘mystery guests’ who drove up in an old green and white school bus. The two organizers of this trip, Jason Eppink and Matt Green, called the trip ‘The Quest for Immortality’. Each weekend this summer, for seven weekends, different people are […]


By | Jul 16, 2009

photo by Arpan As we see from this most luminous poem by Sri Chinmoy, every day has opportunities of various colors and degrees, like a rainbow. As expected, all of the runners have some bad days and some very good days. The days are so long for them that within each day there are many […]

Helping Hands

By | Jul 14, 2009

photo by Arpan The goals reached in the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race are not the achievements of just the individual runners. There are many hands, hearts, minds and legs that go into the organization and administration of such a monumental event. It all starts with the vision and blessings of the one who conceived of […]

Journey To The Unknown

By | Jul 13, 2009

photo by Arpan I wish to follow up my last post called ‘Poetry In Motion’ with a poem I wrote in 2002, inspired by the 3100 mile race as I was helping the runners everyday. Sri Chinmoy seemed to like the poem as I read it out at a function on the occasion of my […]

Poetry In Motion

By | Jul 11, 2009

photo by Arpan Poetry In Motion Some people may not feel that running has anything to do with poetry or creativity in general. Yet Sri Chinmoy, who was an athlete of the highest order from his youth and throughout the rest of his life, also created a non-stop outpouring of creativity in the fields of […]

Counting on Them

By | Jul 10, 2009

There are many helpers who make this race possible for the runners. The Race Directors who work so hard to see that many systems run as smoothly as possible, the cooks, handlers and the indispensable counters all have invaluable roles to play in making this extremely long event run smoothly. The counters most certainly have […]

Flower Power

By | Jul 10, 2009

The day before the 3100 mile race started, Diganta, one of the runners, was inspired to plant flowers in various locations around the course. Although some of the flowers did not survive it inspired some of the helpers to start planting more flowers in locations suitable to sustain their growth. Niriha and Arpita, who is […]

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