Sarvagata Wins !

By | Jul 26, 2011

By Sahishnu: Sarvagata Mikhailo Ukrainskyi, 37, from Berdyansk,Ukraine, won the Fifteenth Annual Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race in a national record time of 44 days+13:38:52. Sarvagata completed  5649 laps of the 0.5488 mile course in Queens, New York, NY while averaging 69.559 miles per day(111.945 km). The first time runner set new records for a novice […]

Day 51: It’s Over

By | Aug 4, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: On the final day of running, Dharbhasana Lynn, a first-timer from Auckland, New Zealand, became the first Kiwi to join the ranks of finishers in the world’s longest certified race with a stunning finish in 51 days+13:17:32. He averaged 60.13 miles (96.77 km) per day as he was the sixth and last […]

Day 51 – Pushkar Finishes

By | Aug 3, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: On a moderately warm summer afternoon, Pushkar C. Mullauer from Switzerland reached his goal of 3100 miles for the second time in as many years with a fine effort of 50 days+09:34:24. He averaged 61.51 miles per day (98.99 km). Dharbhasana Lynn ran 60.9168 miles to get into position to finish his […]

Day 50: A Four-Time Finisher

By | Aug 2, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: With hazy, sunny skies above, Atmavir Petr Spacil became a four-time finisher of the 3100 mile race in 49 days+05:31:34. He averaged 62.97 miles per day (101.345 km). Mr Spacil is ranked fifth all-time at this distance, but found out his physical aversion to very hot weather. He had big problems running […]

The World’s Longest Race Winds Down

By | Aug 1, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: With a strong 64.7 mile day, Atmavir P. Spacil is only 23.5 miles away from his fourth 3100 mile finish. Pushkar C. Mullauer ran 62.56 miles to be in position to finish Monday afternoon. But the day leader award goes to Dharbhasana Lynn. The effervescent Kiwi ran 70.24 miles to continue his […]

The Nearly Impossible

By | Jul 31, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: Pranjal Milovnik did the nearly impossible – he finished a day faster than his previous best for 3100 miles – during the hottest July in 100 years here in New York – and finished third in 47 days+04:19:49. He moves from 14th place on the all-time rankings to 10th with his brilliant […]

Tenth Finish

By | Jul 30, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: Asprihanal Aalto, from Helsinki, Finland, won the Fourteenth Annual Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race in a time of 46 days + 07 hours, 37 minutes and 24 seconds. This was the tenth finish for Mr. Aalto, and the seventh victory for him. He averaged 66.93 miles per day, or 107.72 km per day. […]

Day 46: Nearly Finished

By | Jul 29, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: Asprihanal Aalto, from Helsinki,Finland, is poised to complete his tenth 3100 mile race Thursday afternoon around 1:00 pm. Mr Aalto ran 65.85 miles to get in position to finish. He is averaging 66.74 miles per day (107.41 km). Late Thursday evening Galya Balatskyy should straddle the finish line for second place. Mr. […]

No One More Deserving

By | Jul 27, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: The best individual performance of the day belonged to no one more deserving than Dharbhasana Lynn, who is re-writing himself with a 70+ mile day. He led the first and second-place holders to the line. In all, five finishers slipped past 60 miles. Atmavir Spacil – 2700 miles = 44 days + […]

Day 43

By | Jul 25, 2010

Post by Sahishnu: With the last remnants of the third heat-wave all but gone, the runners started to feel a little better about their performances. Galya Balatskyy and Asprihanal Aalto tied for the day lead with 65.85 miles, with Pranjal Milovnik, Mr Consistent, was close behind with 64.74 miles. Dharbhasana Lynn made a move to […]

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