Whats Going On Here?

By | Jul 16, 2012

Medur, our indispensable ‘computer guy’, has generated two somewhat confusing looking charts. Actually, as you look closer at the charts, it becomes clear as to what is going on. As it states below the first chart: “The above chart displays the relative position of the runners as a percentage of the total combined cumulative distance […]

Stutisheel Keeps His Handler Busy

By | Jul 15, 2012

While  Stutisheel keeps piling on the miles, his countryman and handler Satyagraha tries his best to keep up with him. It is not an easy job to keep up with one of the top runners but Satyagraha seems to be doing fine. But just how busy is Satyagraha?  To determine how many miles he runs […]

A Past Champ Visits the Race

By | Jul 15, 2012

While taking a year off from the 3,100 Mile Race,  seven time winner Ashprihanal of Finland stopped by the race en route to a one month climb in Peru. He promises to be back next year, but needed some time off. A challenging climb in Peru is just what the doctor ordered. Posing with the […]

The Oatmeal Test

By | Jun 29, 2012

I am the race director on the early shift of the 3,100 mile race, from  6 am until 11 or 12 noon, so I get an early look as to how the runners are generally feeling and what it looks like for them that day. I try and  say hello to each runner as they […]

Our Neighborhood

By | Jun 19, 2012

The area that the race takes place in is considered one of the most culturally diverse areas in the world!  I remember listening to National Public Radio one day and they were taking about a small area of Queens (they have a name for it but I can’t remember it)  that is unrivaled for its […]

Here We Go Again!

By | Jun 19, 2012

This will be the 16th year of the Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile Race. We started with the 2,700 Mile Race and the following year Sri Chinmoy increased the distance to 3,100 miles. We have been there every since, same distance, same location.  The twelve runners lined up about 10 minutes before the 6 am starting time […]

And Sahishnu has the final word!

By | Aug 8, 2011

(the following is a slightly edited version of Sahishnu’s speech at the awards ceremony) Dear Friends, esteemed runners, seekers of the Ultimate Truth, just a mere 36 hours ago we saw the conclusion of the fifteenth edition of the world’s longest footrace on a concrete sidewalk course as ten courageous runners ran in search of […]

Sri Chinmoy Challenge chosen most extreme endurance race in U.S.

By | Jul 29, 2011

We were grateful to  receive an e-mail from Art Weinstein, webmaster of Listosaur.com where he says, “I run a small but rapidly growing website that posts stories of general interest. An  experienced marathon runner posted a story yesterday, the Top 10 Extreme Endurance Races in the United States. The Sri Chinmoy 3,100-mile event came in […]

Its Not Over Until Its Over

By | Jul 29, 2011

As the head race director I am often asked in one way or another what the 3100 Mile Race is  like, that is, how difficult is it. And my answer is generally, “it is really, really difficult.” Someone once said, “its not over until its over”, and in our race that is the one certitude; […]

Just Too Hot!!!

By | Jul 23, 2011

In the some thirty years of ultra running the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has only bowed to the power of Mother Nature twice; and both were  because of hurricanes. Now, the power of Her heat has forced us to take a day off after soaring temperatures. All runners will have this day off, July 23.  […]

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