Aalto Tops 300 Miles After Four Days

Asprihanal Aalto reached 300 miles just before the end of day 4 with another 72.4 mile effort. Smarana Puntigam reached 68 miles to remain within striking distance.The moderate temps and overcast skies broke for a thunderstorm at 700pm, but the runners continued to work the course. Christopher Mullauer continues to impress, averaging over 66 miles so far. The first nine runners surpassed 61 miles for the day. Fitness is beginning to show in the legs of the competitors. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks before the runners plateau to a new level of strength.

Day 3:Asprihanal Aalto Widens Lead

Asprihanal Aalto widened his lead after three days of competition with a 72.99 mile day, averaging 76.1 miles so far. Twelve of the 14 runners went over 59 miles on the concrete course as pleasant temps(70º’s) and much lower humidity aided the runners. First time runner Christopher Mullauer moved up to fifth position with a solid 65.85 mile day. Only six laps separate the next five competitors as well. The world’s longest footrace will enjoy crisp,clear weather for a few more days so expect the competition to heat up.