Day 33: What a Day Makes

On a sunny, clear pleasant day in New York, the 14 travelers who are going somewhere fast kept moving closer to the goal. Two passed 70 miles- fellow countrymen Sarvagata Ukrainskyi(71.89 miles), and Stutisheel Lebedyev(70.79 miles), while nine made it past 59+ miles. Two women also went past 2000 miles- Sarah Barnett for the second time, and Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh for her first. The lower humidity is a welcome respite from rain and sticky conditions- it appears this condition will persist for 4 or 5 days. We are blessed, for sure.
Sarah Barnett-2000 miles=32 days +04:33:37
Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh-2000 miles=32 days+17:09:41

Day 32: Follow Your Heart

With only 20 days left, it is make or break time. Either you are all in, or out. Fitness is there, but the right amount of rest is crucial. Our intrepid runners pushed hard and were greeted with better weather and some good results. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi continues to run well and quickly along the sidewalk course. He reached 74+ miles again today, equalling his best day so far. Vasu Duzhiy was the only one who tried to follow Mr Ukrainskyi and made it to 69+ miles. Stutisheel Lebedyev had 67+ miles and Pranjal Milovnik reached 65.3. William Sichel again amazed us with 67.5 miles and is climbing closer to being on pace again. Jayasalini and Sarah Barnett each had 60.91 miles to carry the distaff side. And Ray Krolewicz reached 60.91 miles in a burst of inspiration and song. It will be pleasant for a few more days so miles should be available to collect. It must be the ‘El Nino’ effect. Either way- “Go Runners”.

Day 31:Three Weeks Left

Withstanding a second day of several thunderstorms hitting the region, our steadfast runners were resolute and up to the task. Six made it past 60 miles, and nine past the iconic ‘109’ on the lap sheets- symbolic of a plus factor in one’s daily totals. If one can touch 109 at this stage of the race, then there is a chance of finishing. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi yet again led the parade with 70.24 miles. He needs to average 70 miles each day herein to finish on the 44th day- an elite mark where only three men have ever gone. At this time the men’s podium is practically set, unless Vasu Duzhiy, the defending champ, can unleash a miracle barrage of miles in the next fortnight. All three women snagged the ‘109’ onto the scoresheet, with Sarah Barnett comfortably leading the group. And making himself a threat to not only finish but even crash the elite board of top seven, William Sichel,60, from Scotland has placed himself back into a realistic chance of finishing. Stay tuned, friends, this is going to be a great three weeks.

Day 30: A Month of Work

The world’s longest footrace reached the 30th day today, and Sarvagata Ukrainskyi did not disappoint. The race leader chalked up his best day total this year with 74.08 miles, and extended his lead to 94 miles. Second placer Yuri Trostenyuk went past the 2000 mile mark for the second time in his running career(2000 miles=29 days+16:34:20). Things became more complicated in the sticky evening when the rain became steady and several thunderstorms moved into the area, pummeling the course and runners alike. But our heroes met the challenge well, as seven went past 60 miles.

Day 29: Week Five Blahs

On a surprisingly cool(79ºF) day and evening, seven men and women made it past 60 miles. Vasu Duzhiy was the day leader with 66.9 miles. Scotsman William Sichel turned in another fine effort with 64.75 miles. He is starting to have a powerful rhythm to his stride and his determination. The humidity was high all day, but showers held off until just before midnight. Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh from Moscow took day leader honors for the ladies with 60.35 miles. She remains firmly in seventh place overall. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi passed 2000 miles(28 days+11:10:29)and in doing so ran his second 1000 miles about an hour and a half faster than his first. So much for wearing down. Have a good week friends.

Day 28: Four Weeks In Gear

Nine runners made it past sixty miles today, as temperatures barely reached 85º and the humidity index was wavering only slightly. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi and Sarah Barnett were putting on a show in fast-paced laps. Mr Ukrainskyi had 69.95 for the day and a long calculated approach of faster laps for extended periods of time. He is averaging 70.18 miles per day. His countryman Yuri Trostenyuk is still running a solid second overall, and is just touching new realms of performance-possibility. He is averaging 66.95 and is relentless in his approach. Sarah is running 62.24 miles per day and looks the strongest of the ladies.

Day 27: Two Stalwarts

It took 25 days before two runners matched each other and ran over 70 miles in one day on the same day- excluding Day 1 and Day 2 of course. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi and Vasu Duzhiy each ran 71.34 miles on a glorious day with a perfect evening- cool and breezy. Eight runners made it past 60+ to improve their chances at crossing that finish line in the weeks ahead. Sarah Barnett again led the ladies with 62 miles. Moderate weather appears on the horizon for the next week. Can the runners take advantage and get those needed laps. Stay tuned for the answer.

Day 26: Half of the Way

Fifty percent of the race has elapsed, and eight men and women are expected to hang on and eventually finish. Two others are in the ballpark to reach the goal. The rest get the experiences of being there and hoping to reach a new or formidable goal. No one is a loser in this race. Having said all that, Sarvagata Ukrainskyi rang up 71.34 miles to lead the group.Sarah Barnett continues a solid, almost uncatchable effort for the ladies. Teekshanam Dodonu is impressing everyone with his consistent, gentle and productive running. William Sichel, 60, is trying to get back into the fray with his third successive 62.5 miles or better. He has more than a day to make up in mileage. All the runners are grateful for the tremendous support so far. “Hope is Nectar”- Sri Chinmoy.

Day 25:Six On The Other Side

Nine runners made it past 60 miles, on a day with a little less sun and wind. The total athletes past the halfway point bulged to six today led by Vasu Duzhiy, Stutisheel Lebedyev-in a personal best, and first woman Sarah Barnett. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi continues to lead by over 80 miles with a good day of 66.95. He is still averaging over 70+ miles per day. And the final runner to slide past the 1000 mile mark was Ray Krolewicz, the ‘Lanterne Rouge’ of the event, as he is going further than he has ever been with every step. We are due for a few days of lower temps- time to get those laps in.
Vasu Duzhiy-1550 miles=24days+08:50:16
Stutisheel Lebedyev-1550 miles=24days+12:55:36
Sarah Barnett-1550 miles=24days+16:09:38

Day 24: Weather or Not-Part Deux

This was no World Cup slaughter. This was painstaking reality on a hot, sticky day in a tough city that only sleeps once in a while. These runners were testing themselves, in an inconceivably tough incubator of endless laps- without fanfare, without incident. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi, the fearless leader of the group, reached 70.79 miles as the mercury peaked at 92ºF, with 62% humidity(THI-101).Yuri Trostenyuk reached halfway today, while completing 64.75 sweat-drenched miles. Pranjal Milovnik slipped by the halfway point as well, on a routine 65.3 mile day. Vasu Duzhiy moved up to fourth place with 64.75 miles. Sarah Barnett held up the distaff side of the ledger with 60.36 miles.Eight people made it past 60 miles. The consistency of the top eight or nine athletes is mind-boggling. Their heat acclimatization is good.
Yuri Trostenyuk-1550 miles=23 days+02:34:55
Pranjal Milovnik-1550 miles=23 days+10:31:57