Day 22:

It was warmer, the sun was higher in the sky, the clouds were nowhere to be seen. Yet nine runners made it past 60 miles. Better yet, 10 runners are still on pace to reach the goal. Yuri Trostenyuk and Stutisheel Lebedyev have been relentless in their approach this year, and have shown steady brilliance throughout the contest. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi has been the best of all, for today he fashioned a 74 mile day, and needs only 13 laps tomorrow(Monday)to reach halfway. He is averaging over 70 miles a day. The lesser experienced runners are also learning well. Teekshanam Dodonu has been doing well the last week and has remained on pace to finish. William Sichel has picked it up the last three days and has made it past 2000 km, the furthest milestone he has ever reached. Even Ray Krolewicz is going farther with each step, and living to tell about it.

Day 21: Third Week Along

Eight of the fourteen runners in the 3100 mile race made it past 60 miles today, led by the indomitable Sarvagata Ukrainskyi with 68.6 miles. The three-time finisher has posted a third week total of 491.72 miles. He is averaging 69.95 miles per day(112.59 km) to lead all runners. Second placer Yuri Trostenyuk has averaged 66.7 miles to remain in second place. Sarah Barnett continues to lead the women with an average of 62.53 miles per day(100.64 km). She is sixth overall. The top ten are all on pace to finish, including all three women. Four and a half more weeks to go- who knows what might happen. Stay tuned.

Day 20: The Winds of Change

With Hurricane Arthur in their rearview mirror, the fourteen runners carried on. Wind and rain gave way to clear skies, heavy gusts and lower humidity. Perfect for running. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi led yet another day with 72.4 miles amid bombs bursting and firecrackers reporting in the distance. Vasu Duzhiy climbed back into fifth place with a 68.6 mile day. Yuri Trostenyuk, Stutisheel Lebedyev – resplendent in a stars and stripes running outfit, and Pranjal Milovnik all reached 66.95 miles. Even William Sichel caught the running bug with a fine 63+ mile day. The top ten are still on pace to finish.

Day 19: Wild Winds

A very humid,hot summer day in New York was dominated by talk about a storm passing the area with high winds and heavy rain. Hurricane Arthur was expected to head towards Nova Scotia and mostly bypass our area. The winds and rain did not stop anyone from competing in the race, even though the elements are not at full force yet. Least affected was Sarvagata Ukrainskyi, who went past 1300 miles with another 70+ mile day. In all, nine runners crossed the 60 mile per day barrier. Sarah Barnett still leads the women and has a firm grip on fifth place overall. Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!

Day 18:Elements and Efforts

The group of 14 runners withstood tough conditions throughout the day. Temperatures touched into the 90ºs; humidity levels were stiffling, and a powerful thunderstorm walloped our neighborhood for a few hours. Still, seven managed over 60 miles, with Sarvagata Ukrainsky taking day honors yet again. Sixty-year old William Sichel reached 1000 miles (17 days+12:15:24). But the performance of the day belonged to Ray Krolewicz. The 59 year-old from Pontiac,South Carolina,USA ran from early morning right to the ending bell, garnering 62.56 miles, his best day since Day 1. More stories to follow.

Day 16: Runners Roll

A total of six athletes have topped the 1000 mile mark through today, with four tipping the mark. Humid, hot weather is approaching the four state region for the next four days- another test of our heroes’ determination and willpower. Stutisheel Lebedyev was the day leader with 68.6 miles.

1000 Mile Splits:
Sarvagata Ukrainskyi-14 days+06:15:54
Yuri Trostenyuk-14 days+17:17:21
Pranjal Milovnik-15 days+06:53:08
Stutisheel Lebedyev- 15 days+10:37:15
Sarah Barnett-15 days+15:13:36
Vasu Duzhiy-15 days+17:54:10

Day 15:Two For the Kilo Mile

Ten runners took advantage of the cool, breezy conditions last night after a sunny, cloudless sky baked everything in sight. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi reached 72.4 miles; just about 20 fast laps in succession seem to be his modus operandi after the sun goes down. He reached 1000 miles just after the midday bell, for the fourth time in as many years. Much later in the evening Yuri Trostenyuk joined the kilo club for his second time in as many years. Three more should join the association tomorrow, including first woman Sarah Barnett. All three women are in the top nine, and all appear fitter and getting ready to collect those laps, the currency of this unique event. Happy running folks.

Day 14: Two Weeks In

The runners have given their all for two weeks, and are hoping that fitness has increased and mileage expanded since their journey began. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi has opened a 40 mile lead on second place with a fine week of 495+ miles, following a first week of 482.3. Sarah Barnett continues to flourish, averaging 63.54 miles a day to lead the three women. Eleven runners are still on pace to finish within 52 days. Two runners will reach 1000 miles by sunday night. Stay tuned.

Day 13: Moving Along

On a breezy warm but not too hot day with lower humidity, our intrepid runners took advantage of favorable running weather to test themselves once more. Six made it past the 60 mile barrier. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi continues to flourish in the late afternoon, evening and final push to midnight. He ran 73.5 miles to lead all competitors- he is overall leadermwith 908.81 miles . The top 12 runners are all still on pace to finish in 52 days- small sample size noted, of course. A big surprise this year is the strong start for Stutisheel Lebedyev. He sits comfortably in third place with 847 miles

Day 11:Every Night and Day

Nine runners rolled past 60 miles as the humidity went up a notch but the temps were still moderate(84ºF) for a late June day. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi continued his splendid journey with 70.9 miles today, making it 5 out of the last 6 days over 70 miles each day. Yuri Trostenyuk and Stutisheel Lebedyev completed the Ukraine log-jam of the top three places with 67.5 miles each. Sarah Barnett cracked the top five with a solid 62.56 miles- she still leads the other two ladies by over 20 miles.