Day 10: Bunched Up On One Side

Twelve of the 14 runners who started the 3100 are on pace to finish after the tenth day of running. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi still leads after hitting 71.3 miles today. He is averaging 69+ miles per day. Sarah Barnett has made it to sixth overall with another solid day of 63.66. Baladev Saraz set a new personal best for 10 days with 645.93 miles and remains in third place overall. Stutisheel Lebedyev continues his upward mobility, landing in fourth place and looking as strong as he ever has. Having moderate temperatures in the morning and evening definitely helps the push for high mileage.

Day 9: Lot of Sun;Lot of Run

Eight runners made it past 60 miles on a day filled with bright sun, low humidity and swirling air about the course. Seven-time finisher Stutisheel Lebedyev from Kiev, Ukraine led the way with 68.05 miles. He is placed in sixth and has been moving quite well for the last 6 days. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi continues to wear the leader’s bib as he and second placer Yuri Trostenyuk both reached 66.4 miles. Sarah Barnett from Adelaide Australia continues to amaze with fast laps and consistent totals. She has an 18 mile lead on second woman Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh after a solid 64+ mile day.. A few days of warmer weather and rain showers may pass thru on Wednesday but the temperatures overall seem a little below normal for this time of year. Maybe we will get lucky this summer!

Over a week after their start, the top twelve of fourteen runners made it past sixty miles. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi made it to 70.79 miles, his third straight day over 70+. Sarah Barnett moved into sixth overall with another 66.4 mile day. What other experiences await each participant, no one knows. But a good start like the last eight days can have a large impact on fitness and likely ability to finish. We shall see.

Day 7: The Week That Was…

Bright sunny skies, cooler evening temperatures, lower humidity- all this on the first day of summer in New York? You bet. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi led the group of fourteen from the start with 70.24 miles. He averaged 68.91 miles(110.91 km per day) for the week and is getting into a very good running shape. Yuri Trostenyuk moved into second place with a 66.4 mile day – he is a dozen behind first place, but this is a small sample size. Sarah Barnett moved into seventh place, first woman, with her sparkling 65.3 mile day.The first 12 runners all went past 60 miles today, and all are still on pace to finish after one week of returns. Happy summer, oh residents of the northern hemisphere.

Day 5: Closer at the Top

With only 11 laps separating the first four male runners, the race kept moving along. Sarvagaya Ukrainskyi led all runners today with 68.0 miles. The pleasant surprise was the performance of Sarah Barnett, who topped 67.5 miles to lead the women as well as become second overall for the day. Ten runners exceeded 60 miles.

Day 4:Rain Go to Spain

A warm, breezy day gave way to bright sunny skies, and as the breezes faded, the temperatures reached a hair short of 90ºF(32C). Eight men and women made it past 60 miles, and as of now 12 of the 14 are on pace to reach their goal, however far away it may be from them. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi led the day totals again with 67.5 miles. Vasu Duzhiy continues to sparkle as race leader overall with 280.9 miles. Jayasalini Olga Abramovskikh continues to lead the ladies with 257.4 total miles. It is still too early to predict possible champions, since barely 7% of the race has been completed. But as their road toughness continues in the building stage of this multi-day, the collective determination is inspiring to say the least.


Hello friends and welcome to the 18th Annual Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. We will try to have an account of each day’s highlights at the ‘Race around the Block’. This year the list of runners swells to 14, including four new faces. The rookies are all accomplished athletes looking for the challenge of a lifetime. We hope this blog can capture the running aspect from a ‘nuts and bolts’ observation. Maybe someday even you can ‘dream the dream’. Good luck to all runners around the globe. May the wind always be at your back!—– Sahishnu