Day 30: It Tightens a Little

By | Jul 13, 2009

photo by Arpan Petr Spacil and Grahak Cunningham both tied with highest mileage today at 70.24 miles. Petr crossed the 2000 mile threshold earlier in 29 days+09:24:20. Asprihanal Aalto was back on the track in fair form reaching 63.11 miles.Vladimir Balatskyy of the Ukraine took sole possession of fifth place with an excellent 68.05 mile […]

Flower Power

By | Jul 10, 2009

The day before the 3100 mile race started, Diganta, one of the runners, was inspired to plant flowers in various locations around the course. Although some of the flowers did not survive it inspired some of the helpers to start planting more flowers in locations suitable to sustain their growth. Niriha and Arpita, who is […]

Oh, Those Feet!

By | Jul 4, 2009

photo by Jowan So, as we enter the 21st day of the race, and our last runner has passed the 1000 mile mark,  one question must be asked of each of these heroes of the road: are you happy with your feet?   Suprabha: “So far, I am happy with my feet.” Grahak: “My left […]

Why Run 3100 Miles?

By | Jul 15, 2007

Two of the most common questions asked at the 3100 mile race are: Why? and What do the runners eat? The eating requirements are easy to answer, see what runners eat. However, the question of why anyone would want to run a 3100 mile race is not so easy to answer. In fairness it can […]

Women’s Distance Running and the 3100 Mile Race

By | Jun 26, 2007

In 1928, in the first year of women’s track and field events being allowed into the Olympics, 3 women collapsed in the 800 metres. Because of this it was felt by the authorities it was not safe for women to participate in events greater than 200 metres. As a consequence, up until 1960, the longest […]

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