Counting on Them

By | Jul 10, 2009

There are many helpers who make this race possible for the runners. The Race Directors who work so hard to see that many systems run as smoothly as possible, the cooks, handlers and the indispensable counters all have invaluable roles to play in making this extremely long event run smoothly.

The counters most certainly have a uniquely important role to play here. It may seem like a simple task to sit for hours marking down the time that each runner passes by. But in reality there is much concentration and focus required of the two counters at a time who are each responsible for their five or six runners. Just a few seconds lapse of concentration on the part of the counter could cost a runner an unwanted  loss of a lap. The runners work so hard for each lap completed, so it is unthinkable that they would not be given credit for each and every step of this ultra-long journey.

The counters deserve much credit as they take on a full measure of responsibility whenever they sit down to count. But they can also be the brunt of much criticism if they ’space out’ and miss laps. Luckily, for the runners and the counters, the counting system developed over many years allows for checks and corrections, therefore mistakes are usually quite easily detected. So volunteer counters, keep on counting the runners as the runners are counting on you as well.

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  1. tejvan July 11, 2009 1:38 pm

    Thanks for updates Arpan. Great your covering race. Great job by all working on Race!

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