Mystery Guests

By | Jul 18, 2009

photo by Arpan Today the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race was visited by about 40 ‘mystery guests’ who drove up in an old green and white school bus. The two organizers of this trip, Jason Eppink and Matt Green, called the trip ‘The Quest for Immortality’. Each weekend this summer, for seven weekends, different people are […]

Counting on Them

By | Jul 10, 2009

There are many helpers who make this race possible for the runners. The Race Directors who work so hard to see that many systems run as smoothly as possible, the cooks, handlers and the indispensable counters all have invaluable roles to play in making this extremely long event run smoothly. The counters most certainly have […]

Live Music to Go

By | Jul 9, 2009

photo by Arpan Playing music for the runners is a great way to contribute to the dynamic and soulful atmosphere that already pervades the race course constantly. It is also a way to access the flow of the energy which is so prevalent and obvious to most people who visit there. For those who may […]

Daily Updates of 3100 mile Race

By | Jul 3, 2007

Daily Updates of the Race at Sri Chinmoy Races blog Daily Results of 2007 Race Daily Photos of Race Updates at Multidays posted by Chanakhya. Multidays is run by Abichal Watkins who is once again running this year’s race

3100 Mile Race 2007 Edition

By | Jun 19, 2007

Last Sunday, Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team started the 2007 edition of the “Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race.” This year there are 12 runners who hope to complete the gruelling 3100 mile race. Runners bios of the 2007 edition  2007 Edition of the 3100 Mile Race at Sri Chinmoy Races […]

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